Ok I’ll admit it, growing up with a sister wasn’t the easiest. Different personalities sharing one room. Me being the messy one, her being crazy clean. We stole each other’s clothes, pranked each other, and fought constantly.
   It wasn’t until I moved out and started planning my wedding that I realized all those silly times saying we hated each other, only made me love her more. I knew how to press her buttons but it wasn’t as satisfying now that she wasn’t across the room annoying me. Instead of being my bratty sister she become my friend and it happened in an instance when I wasn’t expecting it. She was there for me when no one else was and basically became my wedding planner Her ideas where amazing so who could blame me. I couldn’t have pulled off such an incredible day without her. 
  Now, after getting to know her on a different level I realized all the time I missed growing up. We have been making that up every since. She is an incredible aunt/godmother to my son and now we have fun and silly times together. Most involve a few drinks but what can I say, we know how to have a good time. We may live in two different states (45mins from each other), but we still talk every day. It doesn’t have to be about life, it could be advice about style and decor or gossip, or just funny memes that means something to us. 

  We appreciate each other so much more now. Although, we are still learning the lines between sister and best friend, it has been the most amazing and eye opening experience of my life. I wouldn’t know what to do without her. 

Kristine Blesi-older/cooler sister!!

#sisters #mysisterismybestfriend #growingup #brattysisters #aunt #godmother #goodtimes #maidofhonor #lifestyleblogger 


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