My favorite White Sangria Recipe.

Friday night I decided to host a party to show case Lularoe clothing for my friends and family. Lularoe is gaining major popularity due to their butter soft leggings and their versatile yet comfortable clothes. I’ve become slightly obsessed with the styles of clothing especially since I am a mom and want something comfy yet also stylish. This fits both categories for me. 

  When planning for this party I wanted some yummy and easy appetizers, possibly a dessert and no party is complete without a fun cocktail to help set the mood. 

  My first thought was, I want some type of cocktail that is light and easy and nothing that would stain the clothing if someone spilled anything. Sangria was what I decided on. Although fall is more for a red sangria, I opted for a white sangria instead. I love both red and white wine but I tend to go toward a white wine on a regular basis. I’ve made this sangria often on special occasions so I’m so excited to share it with you! I’ve browsed dozens of sangria recipes on Pinterest and although this isn’t a particular one, it will sure be a hit at any party. 

  As I headed to the grocery store, I made a list of everything I would need for the party but in particular my white sangria. Because let’s face it, the snacks at a party are a big deal, but most people come to a party for a nice cocktail. 

  The first stop was my grocery store, Giant Food Store, and as I entered I made my way to the produce section. I wanted a nice sweet apple to accent my wine so I started there. Honey crisp apples where on sale, and although they where smaller than I wanted, I could make them work. I grabbed a dozen even though I didn’t need that many. I just figured my son or my two nieces wouldn’t mind the extras. Next was grapes, you could use both but for a white sangria I opted for green grapes. You need alittle citrus for this recipe so I also grabbed two oranges and one lemon and one lime. Checking things off my list, I continued through the grocery store. 

 Next stop was the drink aisle. Some people use seltzer, others use fruit juices and other things, but my favorite thing to finish off my sangria is diet Ginger ale. It’s light and sweet and gives the sangria a bubbly feel.  Any brand will due but I went with Canada Dry Diet Ginger ale. Next, I knew I was really low on sugar so I picked some up just in case. 

 Last stop on the sangria list was the freezer section. Fruit is a huge part of any sangria recipe but the problem I find to be the hardest, is keeping it cold without watering down the wine. I got this idea when I had a very hot, and humid party in the summer and my ice was melting by the second. It was a quick thinking moment when I opened my freezer and noticed a bag of frozen fruit that I usually use for smoothies. I dumped the whole thing in my sangria pitcher and the best part was, as it melted it only made sangria better rather than watering it down. You could really use any mixtures of fruit or just strawberries or blueberries but for this recipe, my favorite, is a mixed blend of tropical fruit. The bag at Giant Food Store had Strawberries, peaches, pineapple, and mango. It’s such a great addition to this light and flavorful white sangria.

  As I finished up my shopping, I made my way home to get started on the preparations. I got my Margaritaville Beverage Dispenser Out of storage and washed it so it was ready to go. Margaritaville 2.5 Gallon Plastic Beverage, Water, Drink, Alcohol Dispenser w/ Ice Bucket  I love this specific pitcher bc it’s 2.5 gallons so I can double my recipe for larger parties and it comes with an ice core so that helps it keep cold as the frozen fruit melts, and again, doesn’t water the mixture down. 

  I like to start this the day before so that it has plenty of time to marinate. So I got out all my fruit and washed it, and took out my cutting board and knife. First I used my Kitchen Aide Apple wedger from Target, to slice up my apples. Normally I would use 4 large apples, but because they where on the smaller size I went with 6 honey crisp apples. Next I sliced my two oranges in fours and put them aside with the apples. As for the green grapes, I kind of just wing it with how much and, honestly, you can’t do too much but I like to cut them in halves so that the juices can flavor the wine. After that, I put all of it in my pitcher and moved onto cutting my lemon and lime. You only need the juice of one lemon and one lime. Don’t put the Rhine in,  If you leave them in, it tends to get tart and you don’t want that to happen with sangria.

  To finish with the pre mixture I added a cup of sugar and topped it off with my white wine. I suggest to use a dryer white wine since the fruit and sugar will sweeten it up. My favorite is Pinot Grigio and don’t worry about buying an expensive bottle. Grab what’s on sale at your local wine store. As a side note, Sometimes when I’m making a really large batch, I’ll use a boxed wine since it can be cheap and you get about 4 bottles of wine in it. Once the one is in, it’s time to put the cover on and leave it in the fridge over night.

  The day of your party, wait till it’s  about to begin, to finish off this recipe. For me, I add my ice core for my pitcher first and then finish it off with my bag of frozen mixed fruit and a 2 liter bottle of diet Ginger ale right in with the wine and fruit. A nice stir with your ladle and your sangria is ready to serve. I love this recipe and always get a huge response to it. Believe me, you will have to make a double batch bc most of the time I can’t keep it full. I hope you enjoyed this and can’t wait to share more.

Written by: Kristine Blesi
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4-6 sweet apples (I used 6 small honey crisp apples) (The larger the Apple the less you need)

2 oranges

Green grapes

1 Lemon

1 Lime 

1cup of Sugar

2 liter bottle of Diet Ginger Ale

Pinto Grigio wine (any dry white wine would work)

Frozen tropical fruit


Slice your apples and place them into the picture along with your 2 oranges that you cut in fours. Cut your green grapes in half and add them to the pitcher. Use the juice of a lemon and a lime, but don’t put the Rhine into your mixture. Top with a cup of sugar and the whole bottle of Pinot Grigio. Cover and let sit over night in the refridgerator. 

When your ready, top the marinated mixture with a 2 liter bottle of Diet Ginger Ale and the bag of frozen tropical fruit. Stir and your ready to serve.



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