The Little touches is a lifestyle blog written by two sisters with completely different lifestyles.

Kristine is the older sister, 33 years old, and lives in Philadelphia. She married in 2011 and has a two year old son, named Jake. She also raises her husbands two nieces, Pam, 18 years old and Malorie, 16 years old. Kristine is a makeup artist, hairstylist, and currently doing permanent makeup at a medical spa in Voorhees, NJ.

Ashley is 15 months younger, 31 years old, and lives in south Jersey. She is a single homeowner. Ashley is an HR professional and works full-time at a company in Trenton, NJ.

This blog voices our opinions on all different kinds of lifestyles from two different perspectives.

Kristine@thelittletouchesnj.com or AshBitt248@gmail.com